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The home of Interim Consultants specialising in Assurance, Productivity & Quality.

Our goal

To help you improve efficiency in your business (strategy, planning, governance, communication & operations) by achieving effective and integrated processes, tools, metrics, communication & harvesting for continuous improvement end to end (at whatever scale).

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  • Businesses large and small have multiple business functions (e.g. sales, IT delivery, operations) - and sub-functions within (e.g. Build, Test & PMO within IT delivery) - in their operating model. Some may already be efficient (or appear to be efficient); others may not. Either way, in today's world, those functions need to be able to work efficiently both individually and together for your entire business to react quickly to market conditions.

    If any of the following capability areas opposite are not operating at peak efficiency, we can help you. These can be either within a business function or sub-function (at any scale) or, more importantly, across business functions.

    Our definitions on and typical symptoms for these can be found in Business Services (General).

    Capability Areas
    • Processes
    • Tools
    • Metrics
    • Communications
    • Harvest/Continuous Improvement

    Typical scenarios and examples can be found in our Scenarios page. For more information on the most common underlying challenges in/around these, please take a look at Common Client Challenges.

  • Quite simply, we can work with you to improve any or all of the above situations.

    Our main IT Business Services are in/around IT Strategy, Programme Delivery and Operations (or, for those unfamiliar with these terms, see our Plain Language guide). However our Foundation Services and our Values we bring to bear can be applied in most other situations too, and hence our General Business Services.

    What we do isn't the delivery and implementation of front-line business systems (e.g. a new ERP system, new infrastructure, new services). There are plenty of systems integrators who already specialise in this space. What we do is to improve your existing capabilities.

  • This can be found in our Foundation Services, our Values and, at a higher level, in our Business Scenarios. In summary though, we:

    • Ask the most basic questions to challenge the most basic assumptions.
    • Analyse the information (process, data, tools) you currently have.
    • Identify any gaps or improvement opportunities, which we will verify with your business experts.
    • Identify metrics and reporting mechanisms so that you can track that value is being added throughout and measured beyond its implementation.
  • Our company prides itself in working in the Interim Consulting market1. All our associates have extensive, high calibre experience within the major management consulting houses and their clients.

    In these tough economic times, we recognise that our clients' budgets for consultancy will most likely have been reduced substantially. This is the niche in which Interim Consultants work: by being much smaller companies, our overheads and hence our day rate is likely to be much lower than the major management consulting houses. We therefore offer our clients a much more cost effective solution in consultancy situations.

    Being niche means that we don't have the resources to deliver enterprise-scale solutions ourselves. However we do add business value where our clients most need it and, as they say, look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves. Where other specialities are also required, we can source them from our interim consultant network pool.

    More information can be found in About Us.

    • 1 See here for an article on "Interim Consulting - The new recruitment growth area with recession busting potential?"

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So please do take a look around and feel free to contact us. You never know until you ask.